Ambulance Operator Program Employment

Unparalleled Opportunities

If you're highly motivated and dedicated to securing a career in firefighting or public safety, public security, or other emergency-response fields, we'd like to talk to you.

We can help you get your foot in the door, gain direct experience in working — and, at times, living — in a fire department environment, and work side by side with professional firefighting crews.

We hire you, but you work at the location of our client fire department. You remain on our payroll for the duration of your employment, allowing you to earn a living while you earn invaluable hands-on experience in the real world.

What is an Ambulance Operator/Fire Intern?

As an Ambulance Operator (sometimes called Fire Interns by some fire departments), your responsibility is to provide transportation services and EMT support for the professional firefighting and paramedic personnel at the fire department for which you work. You drive the department's ambulance vehicle used in response to medical emergencies, accidents, natural disasters, and fire incidents of all types. You're a key part of the team helping the public in time of emergency, as well as participating in educational and community relations efforts on behalf of your department.

Ambulance Operators are hired on the basis of a PAID internship for a set period of time — usually two to three years. You can leave the program at any time. Most AOs are hired on a stand-by or part-time basis initially, and then become full-time as openings occur. The program provides group benefits and paid time off for full-time Ambulance Operators.

Rewarding, Exciting, and In Demand

Becoming an Ambulance Operator is a tremendous stepping stone to a rewarding career in firefighting (although you cannot participate in fire-suppression work as an AO). Still, the opportunity for fire intern training makes you more experienced and more marketable than those without this type of experience when you apply for a position as a firefighter. With the experience, certifications, and practical education you'll get on the job, most AOs are in high demand for open firefighting position or related jobs.

We're Your Support System

While you serve as an Ambulance Operator, you'll have your own team supporting you. Because Employment Systems specializes in working with AOs and Fire Interns, we know the issues and challenges you face. That means we're flexible, and will work with you to help you achieve your personal career goals.

We can often arrange for extended leaves so you can attend paramedic school or a fire academy. And you're always welcome to return to your internship once your complete your additional training, or you can accept a position in your area of specialization. Regardless, your talents and skills are always appreciated, not only by Employment Systems, but by the fire departments we work with.

How Do I Become an Ambulance Operator?

While Employment Systems is your employer, our clients — the fire department — set the standards for their own programs. The fire department staff interviews, tests, and selects you to participate in their program. Each fire department has its own specific requirements, but the common qualifications are:

  • High school graduate (or equivalent)
  • At least 18 years of age
  • Current CPR card
  • CA Certified EMT-1
  • CA Class C driver license at time of application
  • Ambulance Driver Certificate prior to employment
  • Current resume
  • Letters of recommendation

Preferred qualifications (in some cases required, depending upon the particular agency) include:

  • Fire science/technology coursework at post-secondary level
  • Firefighter I Certificate OR
  • Graduate of State Fire Marshall-accredited fire academy

Get the Green Light for Your Firefighting Career Today

E-mail Employment Systems at to get on a mailing list for future Ambulance Operator recruitment opportunities. Include your name, mailing address and phone number. Skip the red tape everybody else deals with and call Employment Systems' Ambulance Operator Program Hotline today at 877-438-2656

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